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01 December 2017

Top Companies To Start in 2018

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By Duraname Admin
01 December 2017


The beginning of the New Year is a fantastic time to start a new company. Now is the time of the year when forward-thinking entrepreneurs finally put into practice all the ideas that they’ve been thinking about throughout the past year. They’ve isolated some business problem that they’re going to solve, or they’ve identified a hot new business trend that could be worth millions. With that in mind, here are the top companies to start in 2018.

#1: Social media marketing agency

Chances are, there are plenty of local businesses that are looking at social media as an affordable, low-risk marketing option to grow their customer base in 2018. If you have experience with any of the big social media platforms – like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn – you can turn your passion into a source of significant revenue. Once you’ve shown that you can manage the social media accounts of a company, you might even get asked to architect an entire social media marketing campaign.

#2: E-commerce company

One of the hottest trends within the e-commerce world right now is drop shipping. What this means is that you can literally run an e-commerce empire without investing in costly inventory. In fact, if you build the e-commerce business with a platform like Shopify, you don’t even have to worry about payments or customer service. Just pick out a few products in a popular consumer niche, and you’re good to go. On YouTube, newly-minted entrepreneurs are already posting videos of how they went from zero to $1 million in sales almost overnight.

#3: Fitness or wellness coaching business

People are always looking for a way to eat better, lose weight, and get into the best shape of their life. As a result, one hot new trend is becoming a fitness or wellness coach. This goes beyond just being a personal trainer – it means helping people develop the right diet, exercise and sleep habits to become successful.

#4: Drone videography business

Sometimes it helps to think outside the box, right? Drones are hot right now, and not just as a casual hobby. They are now being adapted for a number of business purposes – everything from providing aerial shots of properties for commercial and residential real estate companies to providing one-of-a-kind aerial shots of weddings. Even filmmakers are getting into drones, using them to film impressive panorama shots that simply wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

#5: Business consulting firm

In many ways, “consultant” is the business concept that never goes out of style. Just think of how many people go into business for themselves, using their skills, experience or expertise within certain industry as a way to build a personal business empire. You could become a consultant for just about anything. In some cases, though, you may need a certification or other credential to prove your worth to potential clients.

The great news about these business concepts is that you can start many of them without quitting your full-time job. You can launch them as a side gig, build a compelling website so that people can find you on the Internet, and then watch as the first sales start to roll in. So what are you waiting for? 2018 could be your best year yet.



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